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NominoX Games

NominoX Games, headquartered in Singapore, is a game development and operation studio specializing in the development of casual games. The team is composed of core talents from well-known gaming companies and is dedicated to bringing endless entertainment and innovative gameplay to players worldwide.


N2 Studio is a team dedicated to mobile game development and global publishing. The team focuses primarily on developing casual games, committed to creating endless entertainment and fun gameplay for gamers worldwide. Our current project, a social simulation game called Trickstorm, has now entered the testing phase in Brazil.


LIMELIGHT Studio, a young and creative team specializing in casual competitive mobile game development. We believe games are not just for entertainment, but also a journey of creation and exploration. We're developing an accessible and entertaining color-shooting competitive TPS mobile game, aiming to bring players the joyful experience of casual competition and ultimate fun. Join us in exploring this world filled with excitement and creativity!


Welcome to the world of "Trickstorm," a well-crafted casual party mobile game, designed to deliver unparalleled fun and excitement.

  • Diverse Gameplay: Unique and varied gameplay filled with thrilling moments, perfectly fitting into your leisure time.
  • Social Fun: Gather your friends or team up with fellow players for real-time interactions and shared laughter.
  • Customize Your Character: Stand out in the game world with an array of customizations – outfits, skin tones, and funny emotes.

Whether you're commuting, partying, or just taking a quick break, "Trickstorm" turns your smartphone into a gateway to a fast-paced, fun, and casual gaming world. Let's jump into this vibrant, high-speed adventure!


As a TPS casual competitive game in squad mode, players engage in battles in dual forms – combat and painting.

  • Taking the battle arena by splating colors on the floor, filling your score bar with colorful victories.
  • In the 3V3 Paint and Conquer, teamwork is key. Strategize with your squad, cover the ground in your colors, and seize victory through clever tactics.
  • Easy to learn but a challenge to master, the game emphasizes team play while it creates hilariously fun moments to remember. Your strategies in painting and teamwork deepen the competitive experience, especially in matches against skillful players.

Enter the world of Rainbow City, where your victory is painted in bold, bright colors!




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Game Account Deletion Conditions

Dear player, we regret your decision to delete your account. To ensure the safety of your account and assets, please ensure that the following conditions are met when you submit your deletion request:

1. The account is in a secure state: The account is being used normally and is not at risk of being banned or stolen;

2. Game earnings have been settled or properly dealt with: This includes, but is not limited to, Starry Gems, items, membership benefits, etc. Please handle them properly. If not handled, it will be considered as voluntarily giving up such rights;

3. No outstanding orders on the account: This includes but is not limited to Starry Gems recharged, purchasing and consuming characters, skins, items, etc.;

4. No disputes associated with the account: This includes complaints, reports, arbitration, litigation, and other disputes;

5. The account has been logged off, i.e., the player has exited the game or gone offline.

Please read the account deletion agreement

and confirm you have read through by checking the box at the bottom of the page

Game account deletion agreement

Respected user, before you formally start the process of deleting your account for this game, please make sure to read and agree to the Game Account Deletion Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement"). By starting the deletion process according to our procedure, or by ticking this agreement and clicking next, you are deemed to have agreed to and will abide by all the contents of this Agreement. We would like to remind you again:

After deleting your game account, unless otherwise provided by laws, regulations, and this Agreement, the personal information under your game account will be deleted or anonymized. You will no longer be able to retrieve, access, or continue to use this information, nor will you have the right to ask us to recover it. This personal information includes, but is not limited to: avatar, nickname, achievements, purchased or in-game acquired characters, skins, and other virtual items or virtual goods, speech, region, in-game chat records, etc.

For other detailed rules and precautions regarding game account deletion, please tap to view theGame Account Deletion Agreement.

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2- All earnings or benefits earned while using this game account, as well as any future earnings or benefits, will be deleted when it is canceled. Therefore, we strongly advise you to double-check that you have properly handled your game earnings or benefits before cancelling this game account. Otherwise, if there are still game earnings or benefits in your game account after cancelling, it will be assumed that you voluntarily waived such game earnings and benefits. We reserve the right to clear all earnings or benefits from the account, and any consequences resulting from this action are entirely your responsibility. The game earnings or benefits mentioned above include, but are not limited to, all remaining virtual currency, virtual items, and other virtual goods and value-added services within the game.

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