Common Violation Handling Measures

1.You fully understand and agree that in addition to complying with the provisions of the "ColorBANG User Service Agreement" you are also required to adhere to this "Common Violation Handling Measures" You are responsible for all your actions and statements related to your game account, including any content you post and the consequences arising from it.

2.During your use of the ColorBANG game or game services, you must comply with the relevant laws, regulations, and generally applicable internet ethical and etiquette standards regarding internet information dissemination. You will be solely responsible for your actions and the content you publish. Your actions and the various information you publish must not violate the following rules:

  • (1) Violating the laws, regulations, or mandatory norms of your country or region of residence.
  • (2) Advocating terrorism, extremism, or inciting acts of terrorism or extremism.
  • (3) Inciting ethnic hatred, racial discrimination, regional discrimination, or gender discrimination.
  • (4) Spreading rumors, disrupting social order, or undermining social stability.
  • (5) Disseminating obscene, pornographic, gambling, violent, homicidal, or terrorist information, or inciting crimes.
  • (6) Insulting, defaming, or maliciously attacking others with speech, violating the legitimate rights and interests of others.
  • (7) Infringing upon the intellectual property rights or legitimate rights and interests of any third party.
  • (8) Violating humanitarian ethics and customs.
  • (9) Disrupting the normal order of the game.
  • (10) Containing sexual implications, teasing, or other content that easily provokes sexual associations.
  • (11) Displaying bloody, horrifying, or cruel content that can cause physical or mental discomfort.
  • (12) Promoting vulgar or vulgar content.
  • (13) Inappropriately commenting on political events, natural disasters, major accidents, etc.
  • (14) Potentially inciting unsafe behavior or violating social moral standards, leading minors to develop bad habits.
  • (15) Other content that has a negative impact on the internet ecosystem.
  • (16) Content that includes other prohibited content by law.

3.Your ColorBANG game account name and the names of characters, rooms, teams, and other in-game elements should adhere to legal and healthy principles. It is not allowed to use names that include, but are not limited to, content related to race, religion, politics, national leaders, obscenity, vulgarity, defamation, intimidation, fraud, aggression, insults, misleading information, banned substances, etc.

4.You should be responsible for your words and actions in the game, and especially you must not:

  • (1) Spread or disseminate vulgar or indecent information through any means or actions.
  • (2) Impersonate the platform or game system in any way or behavior to spread or disseminate false information to others.
  • (3) Instigate conflicts through any means or channels.
  • (4) Spread or disseminate, use private servers, Trojans, cheats, viruses, or similar information through any means or actions.
  • (5) Spread or disseminate power-leveling information through any means or actions.
  • (6) Spread or engage in offline transactions of game accounts, virtual currency, and virtual items through any means or actions other than the trading channels provided by ColorBANG game.
  • (7) Massively disseminate identical or similar phrases, meaningless texts, or any information unrelated to ColorBANG game.
  • (8) Promote or incite violence beyond the virtual world of gaming.
  • (9) Disclose any game world and real-world information of other players, non-players, or ColorBANG game platform employees.
  • (10) Promote or publish illegal information, including but not limited to pornography, gambling, cults, terrorism, etc.
  • (11) Spread any kind of advertising information and advertising links through any means or actions.
  • (12) Make defamatory or attacking remarks or information about ColorBANG game.
  • (13) Engage in any speech or behavior that violates laws, regulations, social ethics, or game rules.

5.You must not interfere with or hinder the normal provision of services by ColorBANG game, especially:

  • (1) Attacking the website server of the ColorBANG game or causing the website server to be overloaded;
  • (2) Cracking or modifying the client program provided by the ColorBANG game;
  • (3) Attacking the game server or game server-side program of the ColorBANG game, or causing the game server to be overloaded;
  • (4) Unreasonably interfering with or obstructing others from using the products and services provided by the ColorBANG game;
  • (5) Exploiting vulnerabilities and errors (bugs) in the program to disrupt the normal progress of the game or spread those vulnerabilities or bugs;
  • (6) Directly or indirectly exploiting game bugs (including vulnerabilities or unreasonable phenomena in game systems, programs, settings, etc.), program vulnerabilities for personal gain or to disturb the game order, or using bugs and vulnerabilities for personal purposes;
  • (7) Creating, using, distributing, or spreading any form of auxiliary tools or programs that hinder the fairness of the game (referring to any files or programs used to gain advantages in the game that are not part of the ColorBANG game platform or various game software), including cheating plugins and other related auxiliary plugins (including but not limited to automatic monster hunting, leveling up, medicine usage, task completion, operations that accelerate or exceed the game's intended scope);
  • (8) Modifying the client program in any way that changes, adds, or subtracts from the predetermined functions of the ColorBANG game platform, or any behavior that causes abnormal data to be sent from the client to the server.

6.You must not disrupt the game order, especially the following actions are strictly prohibited:

  • (1) Prolonged stay in special or sensitive areas (including but not limited to event registration areas, "immigration envoys," teleportation agents, teleportation points, etc.) that can interfere with other users' gameplay.
  • (2) Engaging in malicious player killing (PK), clearing the game area, extortion, or blackmail.
  • (3) Making threats or inciting others, including yourself or non-participating individuals, to engage in abnormal game activities such as protests or inciting unrest.
  • (4) Deceiving others by impersonating friends with similar nicknames, NPCs, or official characters within or outside the game with fraudulent intentions.

7.You may only use the products and services provided by ColorBANG game as an individual. You are not allowed to engage in commercial activities using ColorBANG game's products and services or perform sales or any other commercial activities related to ColorBANG game's products and services.

8.Unless granted written permission by ColorBANG game, you are prohibited from deriving any commercial benefits from ColorBANG game's products and services and their content. This includes but is not limited to acting as an intermediary in game item transactions and charging mediation fees, as well as selling game items for profit.

9.You must not engage in the following activities using ColorBANG game's products and services:

  • (1) Unauthorized access to ColorBANG game's computer information network system or unauthorized use of computer information network system resources.
  • (2) Unauthorized deletion, modification, or addition to the functions of the computer information network.
  • (3) Unauthorized deletion, modification, or addition to the data and applications stored, processed, or transmitted within the computer information network.
  • (4) Deliberately creating and spreading destructive programs such as computer viruses.
  • (5) Engaging in any other activities that pose a threat to the security of the computer information network.

10.Unless permitted by law or with written consent from ColorBANG game, you are prohibited from engaging in the following actions:

  • (1) Deleting copyright information about the game software and its copies.
  • (2) Reverse-engineering, reverse-assembling, reverse-compiling, or attempting to discover the source code or other confidential content of the game software in any other way. This includes, but is not limited to, elements in the game installation package that are not actively presented but stored within the game.
  • (3) Scanning, probing, or testing the game software to detect, discover, or find any bugs or vulnerabilities.
  • (4) Copying, modifying, adding, deleting, attaching for operation, or creating any derivative works based on the data released to the memory of any terminal during the software operation, the interaction data between the client and server during the software operation, and the system data necessary for the software operation. This includes but is not limited to using plugins, cheats, or unauthorized third-party tools/services to access the software and related systems.
  • (5) Modifying or falsifying the instructions or data during the software operation, adding, deleting, or altering the software's functionality or performance, or operating or disseminating software or methods used for the aforementioned purposes, whether for commercial purposes or not.
  • (6) Using third-party software, plugins, cheats, or systems not developed or authorized by us or creating, distributing, or spreading third-party software, plugins, cheats, or systems not developed or authorized by us.
  • (7) Using, renting, lending, copying, modifying, linking, reproducing, compiling, publishing, establishing mirror sites, or engaging in any other use of the contents in ColorBANG game for which we hold intellectual property rights.
  • (8) Creating mirror sites related to ColorBANG game or taking webpage snapshots or using servers to provide services that are identical or similar to ColorBANG game services.
  • (9) Separating any part of ColorBANG game for separate use or engaging in any other use that violates this agreement.
  • (10) Using, modifying, or obscuring the name, trademark, or other intellectual property of ColorBANG game.
  • (11) Engaging in any other unauthorized actions without explicit authorization from us.

11.If you ("creator") create a game communication forum according to platform rules and allow other users to enter the forum to create, duplicate, publish, or disseminate information content, both the creator and the managers (other users designated by the creator as managers) shall assume responsibility for managing the forum. They should regulate the online behavior and information release within the forum in accordance with laws, regulations, this agreement, and platform rules. The creator and managers should regulate the behavior of other users within the forum, promptly stop any illegal or non-compliant behaviors, and take responsibility for the actions carried out through their management privileges. For creators and managers who fail to fulfill their management obligations, resulting in the presence of illegal or harmful information content within the game communication forum, we reserve the right to issue warnings, delete information, restrict or suspend their use of the game communication forum, permanently close the game communication forum, or take any other measures specified in this agreement, depending on the specific circumstances.

12.You agree that monitoring data within the game program will be used as evidence to determine whether you have engaged in cheating behavior, such as using cheating programs. If ColorBANG game discovers abnormal behavior or data from you, it may observe and record your actions as evidence to determine if you violate the rules and regulations of this agreement.

13.ColorBANG game actively protects the security of your account, virtual items, and virtual currency. To achieve this, ColorBANG game takes strict measures against account theft and related activities. When ColorBANG game identifies or suspects any account theft or related behavior, including but not limited to the following, it has the right to handle the situation according to Article 14, and other relevant provisions of this agreement. Additionally, ColorBANG game reserves the right to pursue further legal actions: (1) Stealing accounts; (2) Stealing virtual items; (3) Stealing virtual currency; (4) Stealing accounts or passwords; (5) Transferring items from abnormal IP addresses; (6) Other account theft or related behaviors. In order to maintain fairness and order in the game, even if you did not actively participate in the account theft, if your items are proven to be obtained through account theft or related behavior, ColorBANG game has the right to independently judge and recover or freeze the items and accounts involved in the account theft. You should cooperate with ColorBANG game in the investigation of account theft and related behavior. You should conscientiously maintain the order of the game. If ColorBANG game discovers or suspects false account theft complaints, it has the right to handle the situation according to the provisions of this agreement.

14.If you engage in behaviors that violate the rules described in this section, ColorBANG game has the right to impose one or more of the following consequences on you depending on the severity of the violation. You will be responsible for bearing such adverse consequences:

  • (1) Warning: A warning is a way of educating and guiding for minor violations of the game policy. It is a means of normal management of game operations.
  • (2) Muting: Restricting your access to certain or all chat channels, enforcing the temporary suspension of online communication for your character, making it unable to communicate with other players until the punishment expires or is lifted.
  • (3) Forced logoff: Forcing you to exit the current game, terminating the execution of the game program for your character.
  • (4) Account suspension: Temporarily or permanently suspending your right to access ColorBANG game with your account due to violations.
  • (5) Temporary isolation: Transferring your character to a special game scene, limiting its local game operations until the punishment expires or is lifted.
  • (6) Deletion of files: Deleting your character files in the game world, preventing the character from reappearing in the game world.
  • (7) Account deletion: Permanently terminating your right to access ColorBANG game using your account, including but not limited to all data in the game database, such as your registration information, character information, level items, game currency, etc., will be permanently banned.
  • (8) Retrieval of in-game virtual items: Retracting game virtual items obtained through fraudulent or other irregular behaviors, including but not limited to game virtual currency and virtual items.
  • (9) Name modification: Forcing the modification of your forum nickname, game character name, or guild name, etc.
  • (10) Dissolution of organizations: Dissolving the guilds or associations founded by you in violation.
  • (11) Deduction of values: Deducting game character values, including but not limited to character levels, money, experience points, etc.
  • (12) IP ban: Temporarily or permanently prohibiting you from logging in to a specific server in the game from an abnormal IP address.
  • (13) Legal liabilities: If your misconduct causes harm to others or ColorBANG game, or it violates existing laws and regulations, you shall bear the corresponding legal responsibilities. For example, if you infringe upon the intellectual property rights or other rights of a third party during the game process and cause them to claim compensation, you will be held directly responsible.

15.You acknowledge and agree that if your game account is suspended in accordance with this agreement, the specific duration of the suspension will be determined based on the severity of your misconduct. You acknowledge and agree that: (1) During the suspension, the game virtual items and other value-added services in your game account will be unavailable; (2) If the aforementioned game virtual items and other value-added services have a certain validity period, that validity period may expire during the suspension, and after your game account is unblocked, you will no longer be able to use those expired game virtual items and other value-added services.

16.If you engage in behaviors that violate the rules described in this section, ColorBANG game also has the right to require you to bear contractual liability, including but not limited to restoring the status quo, eliminating the impact, compensating for the direct and indirect losses or additional costs incurred by ColorBANG game, and recovering the punishments or infringement damages that ColorBANG game first assumed due to your actions.

If you have been punished and want to know the reason for the punishment, you can contact us through the following means:

Contact email: [[email protected]]

Send an email with the subject "Punishment Inquiry" to inquire about the specific reasons for the account suspension.